1897 November

2nd President Harry Pulliam of the Louisville club is elected Representative in the Kentucky Legislature.

7th  The Baltimore and All America teams play in San Francisco with the Orioles losing, 16-7, to Billy Rhines. A crowd of 15,000 is on hand. Each team will win 20 games on the tour, with one tie.

8th  At the NL meetings in Philadelphia, Western League president Ban Johnson proposes a revision of the draft process: 1) No draft of Class A players with less than two years experience in their league; 2) No more than two players drafted from any one club; 3) The draft price to be doubled to $1,000; 4) Relief for minor league clubs obligated to pay major league contracts of players returned to them. NL owners say no to all the proposals.

In the ensuing draft Chicago gets California catcher Frank Chance, the Reds select Harry Steinfeldt, and the Phillies nab Kid Elberfeld and Elmer Flick.

To curb rowdiness, the NL agrees to assign two umpires to every game next year.

10th  The Pirates trade Pink Hawley and Mike Smith and $1500 to the Reds for three Bills, a Jack and an ace: Billy Rhines, Bill “Pop” Schriver, Ace Stewart, Bill Gray and Jack McCarthy.

The St. Louis Browns make a blockbuster trade by sending SS Monte Cross, C Klondike Douglass and P Red Donahue to the Phillies. St. Louis receives lefty catcher Jack Clements, P Jack “Brewery Jack” Taylor, Lave Cross and outfielder Tommy Dowd. President Von der Ahe later reveals he gets $5,500 as well from the Phils.

11th  The Browns continue trading sending catcher Mike Grady and Fred Hartman to the New York Giants in exchange for the well-traveled Jim Donnelly, Ducky Holmes and $3500. Tomorrow they will swap Bill Hallman to the Brooklyn Bridegrooms for George Shoch and $1000. With all the changes on the field, the last-place Browns will still be in last place, despite an increase in winning percentage.

13th  At the NL meetings, President Young announces that the Temple Cup Series has been discontinued, and that there will be 2 umpires per game next year.