1907 November

5th The Yankees trade 2B Jimmy Williams and OF Danny Hoffman to the Browns for P Fred Glade, speedy 2B Harry Niles, and OF Charlie Hemphill. Glade will pitch just 5 games in 1908 before retiring.

16th The National Commission rules against the ‘farming’ of ML players to the minors. A new statute says in part: “whenever a major league club disposes of the services of any player by sale to a national association club, with an option to repurchase such player, such option can be exercised only on the 20th of August of the same year in which the sale is made.”

18th Charles Murphy, owner of the Cubs, says he was misquoted in the Tribune yesterday. He in fact is advocating extending the World Series from a 4 out of 7 game series to a 7 out of 9 series. He is not in favor of the best 9 out of 11 series as stated in the newspaper.

21st F. De Haas Robison. President of the St. Louis Cardinals, takes an opposite stand to that of President Harry Pulliam on the topic of doubleheaders. Quoted in the Atlanta Constitution, he says, “There is a suggestion I intend to make at the NL meeting next month and the adoption of which I think will be of benefit to the game, and that is the playing of doubleheaders on holidays and Sundays. Saturday has become a universally observed half holiday in this country. Now, I am in favor of playing doubleheaders on every Saturday afternoon and doubleheaders on Sunday as well, where Sunday ball is allowed. When a man goes to a ball game he wants to get there early. He doesn’t want to be sitting around and watching players practice. He wants baseball and I believe that if the two major leagues, as well as the minor leagues, would get together and agree to do this, the game would increase in popularity. Don’t let me cast this impression that baseball is losing interest. It is the one game that the public enjoys year in and year out. They want to read about it; the want to see the games. It is certainly a grand game, and one that will never die.”

23rd Former Brooklyn pitcher Henry Schmidt, 34, who won 23 games in his lone ML season of 1903, is arrested in Nashville’s Ruby Theatre after slashing the neck of Alice Applewhite. The two were scheduled to be married after Applewhite obtained a divorce. Appearing later in court, Schmidt is fined $20 for assault and $50 for carrying a concealed weapon.