1908 November

1st In the PCL, San Francisco loses to Oakland, 6-0, as Rollie Zeider notches his 93rd stolen base of the year. The Seals will zell Zeider to the White Sox next August and in 1910 Rollie will swipe 49 bases for Chicago. The PCL record for steals will be set by James Johnston in 1913 with 124.

3rd  An all-star team leaves San Francisco for a tour of Japan, China, Hawaii, and the Philippines. It will play 40 games before returning on February 15.

12th In Havana, the Cincinnati Reds beat a local club, 3–1. The Reds are the first ML team to play in Cuba. The game is the first of 12 the team will play during their month-long stay in Cuba. The Reds will finish 6–5 against the Cubans, and lose a game to the Brooklyn Royal Giants, a Negro team touring the island.

16th Julia Stahl, widow of Chick Stahl, is found dead in the doorway of a Boston tenement house. Chick Stahl, the Boston manager, committed suicide last year during spring training.

21st In Cuba, the Cincinnati Reds get trounced by the Brooklyn Royal Giants, 9–1. Harry Buckner is the pitcher for the Royals. The Royals team includes some black Americans who play for Havana.

22nd  The Reach All-Americans defeat Waseda University in Tokyo 5–0, in the first game between a Japanese team and American professionals.