1911 November

5th Cuban ace Jose Mendez shuts out the visiting Philadelphia Phillies. In 18 games against big league competition, Mendez will go 8–7 with one tie. On the 7th, the Phils win, 5–3, to even the series.

17th  The Natioanl Association assigns the Eastern League, PCL and American Association to the newly-created class AA.

21st  Hal Chase resigns as manager of the Highlanders after a 6th-place finish. He will stay as a player until traded during the 1913 season. Harry Wolverton replaces him.

23rd Cotton States League umpire Edward dies supposedly sustained from a throat injury caused by a foul tip.

25th William Russell, head of the syndicate that owns the Boston Nationals, dies. No doubt helping his demise was watching his team finish the season with a winning percentage of .291. John Montgomery Ward, along with New Yorkers James Gaffney and John Carroll, will purchase 945 of the 1000 shares for $177,000. The team, known as the Rustlers after Russell, will start next season as the Braves.