1912 November

4th  Miller Huggins is named manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, beginning his 17-year career as a skipper.

7th In Cincinnati, following a meeting between President Hermann of the Reds and Charles Murphy of the Cubs, the two teams officially call off a deal that would have sent Joe Tinker to Cincinnati to manage the Reds in 1913. However, Tinker is included in a deal in December and will manage the Reds next year.

9th  Frank Chance is sold to the Cincinnati Reds by the Cubs; when all NL clubs waive claims to him in December, the Reds free him to manage the Yankees.

16th  The Reds buy infielder Red Corriden from Detroit.

26th  John T. Brush dies while en route to California by train for his health. His son-in-law, Harry Hempstead, will succeed him as president of the Giants.