1917 November

1st President Tener of the NL is critical of a plan put forth by the heads of the AA International League and the American Association to form a third major league comprising 4 teams from each league. “A major league is not formed by a few officials getting together and declaring it so,” Tener stated. “This fact was demonstrated in the case of the Federal League. It might be a good idea to raise the ranking of a new league, that is it would be called a triple A rating.” He indicated that it might eventually reach a major league level if the draft rule were suspended.

2nd President Ruppert of the Yankees, working with Charles Ebbets of the Dodgers, says that there is strong sentiment to change the 1787 law that prohibits sports on Sunday. He thinks the state Assembly will allow Sunday baseball.

14th  In Louisville, the National Association of Baseball Leagues, representing the minor leagues, votes down by an 11-2 count a resolution to redistribute the minor leagues. President M.H. Sexton declares that there could be no withdrawal of Louisville, Indianapolis and Toledo to form a new league without the unanimous consent of all the owners of the AA and the IL. The AA will open May 1, three weeks later than they opened this year. The president of the Western League states positively that his league will open in 1918, but the head of the Central League declines to predict. Unofficially, the Grand Rapids franchise is folding.