1920 November

7th  Teaming up with Wellington Cross, Babe Ruth opens his vaudeville act in Boston. Cross and Ruth will open at the Palace in New York next week.

8th  At a meeting to depose Ban Johnson, a new 12-team National League, made up of the dissenting 11 teams plus one of the 5 teams loyal to Johnson, is agreed to. John Heydler will be its president and Judge Landis the proposed chairman of the new commission. With no stomach for another war, 4 of the 5 AL clubs still backing Johnson agree to a joint meeting November 12th in Chicago.

12th  With Ban Johnson barred from the meeting, the 16 ML clubs settle their differences. The 12-team-league idea is discarded, and the 2 leagues will continue with their same identities. The owners unanimously elect Kenesaw Mountain Landis chairman for 7 years. Judge Landis accepts, but only as sole commissioner with final authority over the players and owners, while remaining a federal judge (with his $7,500 federal salary deducted from the baseball salary of $50,000). The agreement will be signed on January 12, 1921, when he is to begin his duties.