1921 November

2nd Judge Landis orders the Yankees to hold up on the WS payments to the barnstorming Ruth, Meusel and Piercy. They stop their barnstorming but Landis will end up fining the players their WS shares—$3,362.26—and suspending them until May 20th of the next season. Landis also orders the Pirates to pay a full share to infielder Tony Brottem, who joined the team July 5. The Bucs had awarded him just $200. Chief Yellowhorse, who was with the team all season (10 games, 5-3 record) and was awarded 2/3’s of a share, is likely to receive a full share. Pittsburgh got $21,939 for second place.

11th PCL President William McCarthy unveils a plan that will give bonuses to the top finishers in the league. The pennant winner will receive #6,000.