1924 November

9th  At Colombes Stadium in Paris, a small crowd, estimated to fill 3% of the stadium, braves the cold weather to see the New York Giants beat the Chicago White Sox, 1-0. The game last one hour and 12 minutes, leaving the crowd disappointed that they did not get their money’s worth. The New York Times reports, “French opinion seems to be that sport at the present time is having a hard enough time in the country without the necessity of trying to learn a new game that seems to have little appeal to the people.”

12th  At the joint meetings in Chicago between the two major leagues, the Athletics propose that on sales over $10,000 of players from the minor league teams to the majors that the players share in the sale. The players are for it; the minor league owners not so much.

The Yankees propose that the size of the rosters be at 50 players up till June 15 and then gradually reduce down to 25 by August 31st. This goes nowhere.

18th  Oakland Oaks (PCL) owner Cal Ewing announces that he has sold the team to Washington Senator star Walter Johnson, represented by George Weiss, who deposited a check for $5,000 towards the purchase. Last month, Ewing announced that the sale price was an enthusiastic $450,000 (the St. Louis Cardinals recent sale was for $275,000). Nothing will come of all the talk, and Johnson will return to the Washington team.