1942 November

1st Larry MacPhail enters the army and the Dodgers look to St. Louis for leadership. After 2 decades in St. Louis, Branch Rickey splits with owner Sam Breadon. He will sign to become GM at Brooklyn.

3rd Ted Williams is the ML Triple Crown winner, but the writers select 2B Joe Gordon by 21 votes as AL MVP. Gordon of the New York Yankees leads the AL with 95 strikeouts, the most ground balls hit into double plays (22), and the most errors at his position (28). P Mort Cooper gets the MVP honor in the NL with Cards teammate Enos Slaughter finishing 2nd.

30th Bill Terry resigns from his job as supervisor of the Giants’ minor league system to go into private business. The Giants, with 9 minor league teams at the start of 1942, are down to two, Jersey City and Ft. Smith, Arkansas.