1943 November

1st League statistics show the White Sox Luke Appling leading the AL hitters with .328, the lowest since Cobb hit .324 to lead in 1908. Conversely, of course, the pitchers’ marks were topped by Spud Chandler’s 1.64 ERA, the best since 1919. Spud also has the best percentage at .833, on a 20-4 won-lost mark. The White Sox aging OF Wally Moses stole 56 bases after stealing only 3 two years before. The veteran Mel Ott hits only .234 for his Giants, but he still has 18 homers—all in the Polo Grounds.

11th The MVPs for both leagues are named. New York’s Spud Chandler wins it in the AL (246 votes) with Luke Appling in 2nd place (215). Chandler led the AL in wins (20), CG (20), ERA (1.64) and had the highest batting average for pitchers (.258). Stan Musial (267) is the winner in the NL. For the second year in a row, a Cards teammate finishes 2nd as Walker Cooper pulls down 192 votes.

13th The Army Times weekly newspaper reports the army all-star team. Missing from the list are Yankee stars Joe DiMaggio and Red Ruffing. The paper reported that some names were left off because their names were not submitted or their records were incomplete. Pitchers making the squad were: Sid Hudson, Tommy Hughes, Johnny Beazley and Bob Carpenter. Catchers were Birdie Tebbets and Ken Silvestri. Infielders include George Archie, Lou Stringer, Cecil Travis, Don Kolloway, Roy Bell and Nathan Blair. In the Outfield: Pete Reiser, Bama Rowell, Andrew Gilbert, Al Robergs and Pat Mullin.

18th Just ahead of his disbarment, Phils owner William D. Cox announces his resignation to “devote all my time to war-essential business.”

23rd Commissioner Landis rules that Phils owner William D. Cox is permanently ineligible to hold office or be employed in baseball for having bet on games, even though it was his own team to win. The Carpenter family of Delaware will buy the Philadelphia club and Bob Carpenter, age 28, will become president. The Phils, in an effort to change their image, will conduct a contest for a new name.