1949 November

st Gillette buys the WS television rights for $1.37 million, the money to be dedicated to the players pension fund.

18th NL batting leader (.342) Jackie Robinson is picked for the NL MVP award.

21st Bill Veeck sells the Indians for $2.2 million to a local syndicate headed by Ellis Ryan. Hank Greenberg will be general manager.

25th Ted Williams, who lost the Triple Crown when his batting average was .0002 below that of George Kell, wins the MVP vote in a landslide, 272 points to 175. The favorite Phil Rizzuto, and Joe Page, finish 2nd and 3rd in the voting. In several days, Ken Smith, the executive secretary of the BBWAA will announce a change in policy, made at the request of Ford Frick, NL prexy. No longer will the newspapers be given the results of the MVP voting a week ahead of the announcement. Dan Daniels, writing in a front page article in The Sporting News, will accuse a number of sports writers of using the advance knowledge to place bets. He says in NYC, nearly $500,000 was bet on the results, with some bookies refusing to pay when they learned of the papers’ early notice.

26th The Japanese Central League is joined by the Pacific League.