1953 November

3rd  The rules committee restores the 1939 rule, which says a sacrifice fly is not charged as a time at bat. Also, the committee votes for “no gloves on the field rule.” Hank Greenberg, who proposed the change, says “Aside from the possibility of hindering the play, gloves on the field look sloppy.” The committee also makes a rule that any runner will be called out for deliberately running the bases backwards or even taking a lead off the base in the wrong direction. A new balk rule is instituted which gives the batter an option; if he gets a hit after a balk is called, he has the option of accepting the outcome of the pitch, instead of being limited to the advance of the runner(s). Rule suggestions rejected, as noted by Bob Timmerman, include: the legalization of the spitball, two bases for an intentional walk, and the option of declining ball four.

4th  Eddie Joost succeeds Jimmy Dykes as the manager of the Philadelphia Athletics.

9th  The U.S. Supreme Court decides 7-2 that baseball is a sport and not a business and therefore not subject to antitrust laws. The ruling is made in a case involving Yankee farmhand George Toolson, who refused to move from AAA to AA.

10th  The Giants end their tour of Japan. It is reported that each player received just $331 of the $3,000 they were promised.

11th  Jimmy Dykes, recently released as the manager of the Athletics, succeeds Marty Marion as the manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

17th  The St. Louis Browns’ name officially becomes the Baltimore Baseball Club Inc. The Baltimore franchise board officially changes its name to the “Orioles.”

24th  The Dodgers sign the relatively unknown Walter Alston to a one-year pact as their manager for 1954.

27th  Indians 3B Al Rosen is unanimously named the AL’s MVP with a record 336 votes. In the NL, Dodger C Roy Campanella is named MVP.

30th  The player reps reject Commissioner Ford Frick’s plan for a conference on their pension after he bars their attorney’s presence.

Don’t have to change apartments. The Cubs sell C Carl Sawatski to the White Sox.