1900 November

14th  The NL rejects the AL as an equal, declaring it an outlaw league outside of the National Agreement, thus inaugurating a state of war. This follows the AL’s announcement 2 days ago that it has made arrangements to go into Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Two weeks later the AA makes it a 3-way battle.

19th At an AL meeting at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Chicago, Ban Johnson says the AL chose not to renew the National Agreement with the NL, but sees no need for friction between the two.

21st Given a 10-year contract to control the Baltimore franchise, John McGraw says he intends to be in baseball a long time, and wants to lease grounds in Baltimore where he can stay. He’ll be in baseball 32 more years, but not in Baltimore. Nick Young says the NL wishes success to the AL, but does not consider it a major league.

In New York, national guardsmen are playing an active schedule of indoor baseball at the New York Armory. The games between regiments teams are widely covered in the press.