1890 October

1st At Buffalo, Boston’s Matt Kilroy picks off a base runner at first by running from the pitcher’s box over to first and tagging him out. Kilroy wins, 12-5, as Buffalo (PL) sags to a 35-95 record.

For the second day in a row, Columbus (AA) scores 14 runs against Philadelphia, this time winning in a shutout by Frank Knausse. Jack Crooks hits his first ML homer, an inside-the-park grand slam off William Stecher. Stecher will tack on one more loss to his record to finish his one-year ML career with the Athletics at 0-10. His 10 decisions with an ERA over 10 will not be matched until the unlikely name of Roy Halladay does it in 2000.

2nd  Chicago (PL) P Mark “Fido” Baldwin beats New York, 4–0, for his 34th win versus 24 losses. For the 2nd straight year he pitches 54 complete games and over 500 innings. Baldwin will pitch until 1896, then study medicine and become a professor at Johns Hopkins.

In a doubleheader, the host Reds take a pair from St. Louis, winning 12-10 and 4-1. The second game had been scheduled for Monday, but was moved up.

3rd  Chicago’s rookie Pat Luby (NL) wins his club-record 17thconsecutive game of the season, a 3–2 victory over Amos Rusie and the Giants, to finish the season at 20–9. He’ll lose in his first game next year.

9th  Cincinnati (NL) owner Aaron Stern sells his club to PL owners for $40,000. Committees from the 3 leagues meet to begin negotiations toward a settlement of the war. PL owners from Cleveland, Brooklyn, and New York seek consolidation with the NL. A truce, during which all contracts will be respected, is agreed upon. It is left to owners in each city to arrange their own deals.

12th  Henry Gastright (Columbus, AA) hurls an 8–inning no-hitter against Toledo, winning 6–0.

Led by Hank Simon’s 4-for-4 with a homer and 2 steals, Syracuse (AA) trims the Philadelphia Athletics, 12-2. This is Simon’s last ML game; he has 12 hits in his final 3 games to finish with a .270 batting average.

17th  The AA and NL refuse to permit the PL champion to take part in a World Series. Interest in the post-season meeting of league champions is lukewarm as Brooklyn wins a 9–0 opener over Louisville behind Adonis Terry (26-16). After breaking even in 7 games, with one tie, the teams abandon the series. Snow falls during some several of the games and the final game is postponed until the next spring as the weather and attendance had been very bad in both cities due to cold weather. When spring comes around Brooklyn refuses to play the game as the American Association and National League had become engaged in another Baseball War. Louisville will claim the championship when the Dodgers refuse to schedule the final game. As noted by Bob Bailey, just about all references list this as a 3-3-1 tie and ignore the Dodgers electing to not play the final game.

20th  Upset over PL backers seeking deals without consulting them, the Brotherhood meets and votes to add a players’ committee to the three league committees for the next meeting. John M. Ward, Ned Hanlon, and Arthur Irwin are elected. Ward makes a long, spirited plea for the players’ participation. Al Spalding, eager to split the PL backers and players, argues against them. The original 3 league committees vote 2–1 against the players’ involvement. Each PL backer is now out to make his own deal and the PL is dead.