1867 October

4th At Brooklyn’s Satellite Grounds, two black teams play a match called by the DailyUnion, “the championship of colored clubs.” The Philadelphia Excelsior’s outscore the Brooklyn Uniques, 37–24, in a game called after 7 innings on account of darkness.

10th The Union Club of Morrisania takes the 1867 Championship, winning their 2nd game of the series, 14–13, over the Atlantics. Charley Pabor is the winning pitcher.

16th At the convention of the Pennsylvania BaseBall Association at the Court House in Harrisburg, the application of the Pythians, a prominent black club from Philadelphia, to join the organization is withdrawn after it is clear that a majority of the delegates are against it. The Pythian representative later writes “Before closing this already too lengthy report your delegate feels bound to state that allthe delegates seemed disposed to show their sympathy and respect for our club by [crossed out: their] showing him every possible courtecy [sic] & kindness. While at dinner Messrs. Hayhurst, Rogers and others invited him to attend the base ball match that was to be played that afternoon in company with them, which was accepted. And on the [“road”?, illegible] & at the match, your delegate cannot speak too highly of the kind attentions which these gentlemen showed him and their expressions of friendship for our club.”