1868 October

1st The Cincinnati Reds visit the New York area for the first time, losing to the Atlantics, 31–12. Tomorrow, they will beat the Mutuals, 29–28.

6th In a match that decides the Championship of 1868, the Atlantics pound the Unions, 24–8, at Morrisania. The Atlantics win the best-of-three from the Champions, from the title holders and await a challenge from the Athletics.

12th The Mutuals of New York defeat the current champion Atlantics of Brooklyn, 25-22, and threaten to capture the 1868 championship.

14th The Athletics of Philadelphia travel to the Union Grounds to play the Mutual Club which had defeated the Atlantics two days ago. On a cold, rainy day, several hundred spectators watch the Athletics win, 25–15.

26th A crowd of 10,000 are at the Union Grounds in Brooklyn to see the Mutual Club of NY capture the championship of 1868 by defeating the Atlantics of Brooklyn for the 2ndtime, 28-17. This is the first time a NYC club has won the title.

29th With the Atlantics no longer the champions, the Athletics of Philadelphia cancel their game. The New York Clippers will ask the Mutual Club to schedule a series with the A’s to afford them an opportunity to contend for the Gold Ball and the championship. The Athletics will say they challenged; The Mutuals will say they did not. The Clipper will refuse to award the gold ball until next year. According to the custom, the Mutual Club is declared the year’s champions, despite the Athletics having a better record (Athletics: 47-3; Atlantics: 47-7; Union of Morrisania: 38-6; Mutuals: 31-10). The Clipper awards individual medals to Radcliffe, McBride, Fisler, Reach, Sensenderfer (all 5 with the A’s), Waterman, Geo Wright, Hatfield, and J. Henry Johnson.