1872 October

5th  Baltimore scores 39 runs on 42 hits to the Atlantics’ 14 runs on 11 hits. The ball used was so hard and elastic it was dangerous to try and catch it. Scott Hastings, the Baltimore catcher, scores 6 times on 7 base hits.

8th  The “Grand Base Ball Tournament” begins, a series of games played on the Union Grounds in Brooklyn between the 3 major professional clubs: Mutuals, Athletics, and the Reds of Boston. First prize will be $1,800. Today’s game ends in a tie, Mutuals 7, Boston 7. The tournament will end October 17th with Philadelphia and Boston splitting the prize money.

15th  A field day contest of throwing the baseball is held on the Union Grounds in Brooklyn, first prize being $25. Six contestants make 3 throws each from CF toward home plate with the winner getting $25. Johnny Hatfield’s last throw carries 133 yards, 1 foot, and 71⁄2 inches to capture first prize and break his 1868 record of 132 yards. Leonard is next with 119 yards, followed by George Wright at 117, Bill Boyd at 115, Wes Fisler at 112, and Cap Anson at 110.

22nd  The Boston Red Stockings win the championship of the 1872 season, winning their 39th game by defeating the Eckfords 4–3. When the season ends on the 31st (only 17 matches will be played this month) Baltimore and Mutual will finish behind Boston, with 34 wins.

29thAt Brooklyn, the Mutuals lose to Baltimore, 4–1. The New Sun reports that one of the gamblers has two of the Mutes in his pocket. The New York World says the report that one or two of the Mutes had been “squared” appears to be true. A hundred spectators attend the match, the Clipper reporter commenting that with the loss of confidence in the integrity of the players goes all interest in the contests.