1880 October

4th  At a special NL meeting in Rochester, the league prohibits its members from renting their grounds for use on Sundays and from selling alcoholic beverages on the premises. These rules are aimed at the Cincinnati club, which has sold beer and rented out the park to amateur teams for Sundays.

5th  The NL makes a statement putting its aggregate losses for the season at $20,000. Blame is placed on high salaries, which run over $14,000 for some clubs.

6th  The Cincinnati club refuses to accede to the October 4th restrictions and is thrown out of the NL. The NL also votes to retain the year-old reserve system.

7th  The Metropolitans beat Worcester, 12–6, the Mets first victory over an NL team. The Mets will finish 5–10 versus NL opponents, but 12–1 against all other clubs.

10th  The Boston and Providence clubs release their players, thereby saving themselves 20 days’ worth of salary.

16th  The Mets beat Troy, 9–3, to split a six game “State Championship” series. John M. Ward pitches for the Mets, but he denies that he will play in New York next year, since he has a year left on his 2-year contract with Providence.

23rdThe Mets and the Chicagos close their season with a 3–2 White Stocking win in New York.