1881 October

1st  The Mets beat the champion Chicagos in New York, 7–4. The Mets are the only non league team to have won more than one game versus NL opposition.

8th  Chris Von der Ahe, president of the corporation that runs Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis, signs the members of the previously independent St. Louis Browns semiprofessional club, giving Von der Ahe control over the players for the first time. This is a key step toward the establishment of the club that would eventually become the St. Louis Cardinals.

10th  Cincinnati baseball backers meet in Pittsburgh with H. Denny McKnight and issue a call to other independent club operators to meet November 2nd to form a major league independent of the NL.

15th  H. D. McKnight organizes a new Allegheny Baseball Club of Pittsburgh in anticipation of the proposed new league.

16thThe Mystics beat Oakland, 12–10, to win the loosely organized California League championship.

31st  The Metropolitan club plays its final game of the season. The Mets played 151 games altogether, winning 80 of them. They were 18-43 versus NL teams.