1887 October

1st  Following a 3-game sweep at the hands of the Detroits, Boston removes King Kelly as captain and gives the job back to manager-1B John Morrill. It works as they beat the visiting Indianapolis squad, 9-3.

3rd  The Browns win a doubleheader on Staten Island to run their latest winning streak to 12 games and extend their lead in the AA race to 191⁄2 games. New York falls, 20–8 and 7–4.

4th The Mets and Browns try and stage a Sunday game at Monitor Park in Weehawken, NJ. But the field is in bad shape and the crowd is much too large for the facilities, so only an exhibition game is played. St. Louis CF Curt Welch is knocked out of action for a week when he is hit in the head with a bat that slips out of the hands of teammate Tip O’Neill.

5th  Chicago wins the opening game of their final series against league-leading Detroit 11–7. John Clarkson picks up his 9th victory over the Wolverines, the most ever by a pitcher over a pennant-winning team.

In New York, the Browns (AA) lose to the Metropolitans, 6-5. St. Louis star Tip O’Neill connects for an extra base hit in his 12th straight game: 14 doubles, 3 triples, 2 homers. According to historian Trent McCotter, this includes 12 straight games where he scored a run, had an RBI, and had an extra base hit. Bobby Abreau, in 2005, will do the same in 10 straight games. O’Neill consecutive extra-base hit skein will be topped in 1927 by Paul Waner (14 games).

7th  Detroit gets sweet revenge against Clarkson and the White Stockings, beating them twice, 8–2 and 8–4, while amassing 34 hits. The defeat pushes the 2nd-place Chicagos 7 games behind.

Billy Otterson hits a 4th inning grand slam, off Mike Morrison, as Brooklyn spanks Cleveland, 16-3 (as noted by David Vincent).

11th  The Mets successfully stage a Sunday “home” game in Weehawken, NJ, losing to the Colonels 10–6.

The St. Louis Browns players refuse to play an exhibition game versus the all-black Cuban Giants team, stating in a letter to the owner that “we will cheerfully play against white people at any time and think that by refusing to play [blacks] we are only doing what is right.” Arlie Latham is singled out as the leader of the recalcitrant players and is fined.

13th  Jimmy Ryan goes 6-for-6 for Chicago with a single, double, HR, and 3 walks. He also pitches the final 5 innings in relief of Lady Baldwin to get the win. The White Stockings rally to beat the Phillies, 16–13, overcoming 13 errors committed.

14th  Chicago whips the visiting Phillies, 17–12, for their 3rd win in a row over the Philadelphians. The Phils will not lose for the rest of the season. Adrian “Cap” Anson is 3-for-5, giving him 17 hits in the last 5 games. His hot streak will win him the NL batting title with an official .421 average (without walks, which are counted as hits, Sam Thompson would have won the title with a .372 mark).

15th For the 2nd day in a row, the Reds play a morning game in Staten Island, NY, against the Mets and an afternoon game in Brooklyn. The Mets play Cleveland in the p.m. game, losing both games. The Reds Tony Mullane pitches his 5th shutout of the year, winning 4–0, against the Mets to tie the ML season record of a pitcher against one team (Lady Baldwin, 1886). The Reds (AA) beat Brooklyn, 11–1, in the p.m. game.

18th Doc Bushong catches for the Browns for the first time since suffering a broken finger on July 1. But he’ll never regain the form that made him the best defensive catcher in the AA. The Browns win, 6-4 over visiting Cleveland.

22nd  Elmer Smith of Cincinnati shuts out St. Louis 6–0. The Browns will be blanked in only 2 regular season games, both times by Smith.

28th  Abner Dalrymple hits 2 dramatic HRs in front of his old fans in Chicago, one to tie the game for Pittsburgh in the 8th inning and one to win it 3–2 in the 10th. These are Dalrymple’s only HRs of the season.

30th  Connie Mack singles, steals 2B, and scores on John Irwin’s first NL hit to give Washington a 1–0 victory over New York. Jim Whitney and Tim O’Keefe each strike out 10.


1st  Matt Kilroy pitches and wins both games of a doubleheader to close the home season at Oriole Park. This duplicates a feat of July 26th. The fastballer finishes the season with a 46-20 record, the ML-season record for a lefthander.

5th  Washington’s Pat Dealy hits his only homer of the year, a grand slam, to beat his old team, Boston, 12-9. It comes in the 5th inning against Kid Madden.

7th  In an attempt to play off a tie, the Giants and Phils end in another tie at 5-5. The Phils score in the top of the 10th but the game is called on account of darkness.

8th  The Metropolitan franchise and player contracts are sold to AA rival Brooklyn for $15,000. Purchaser Charles Byrne has the Mets play today’s game in Brooklyn’s Washington Park, where the hapless Indians lose to the Orioles 10–0.

The Phillies finish the NL season with a 6–3 win over New York before 4500 at the Polo Grounds. The late spurt jumps them to 2nd place behind Detroit. The winner is Charlie Ferguson (22-10), who finishes his 4th 20-game season in a row. He has won 8 in a row to end the season. Ferguson, who also plays 2B, when not pitching, hits a team-high 337, and drives in 85 runs in just 264 at-bats. His teammate James Fogerty ends with league-high 82 walks and 102 stolen bases in just 126 games.

Tip O’Neill hits his 14th homer of the season as part of a 5-for-5 day in the Browns’ 11–5 win over Louisville. O’Neill is the only player in ML history to lead his AA league in all 3 categories of extra base hits: homers (14), triples (19), and doubles (52). Even without counting walks, his .435 adjusted average is 2nd on the all-time list.

Washington announces that Walter Harris will manage the team next year. Harris is a surprise pick.

9th  With a 6-2 win over Cleveland, the St. Louis Browns end their AA season with a 95-40 record, besting their 1886 record by 2 wins. This will not be topped until the adoption of the 154-game schedule.

Louisville batting and pitching star Guy Hecker sets a fielding record while playing 1B. He is the first player at the position to play a 9-inning game with no fielding chances. Cincinnati (AA) tops Louisville, 2–0.

10th  The best-of-15 game World Series opens in St. Louis with the Browns (AA) facing the Detroit Wolverines. The two teams agree to play all 15 games in 10 different cities with the champion being the first team to win 8 games. The teams will play three games in St. Louis, two in Detroit, two in Brooklyn, two in Philadelphia and one each in Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Baltimore and Chicago. The Browns take the opener, 6–1, as P Bob Caruthers holds the Wolverines to 5 hits and has 3 safe hits himself.

11th Fumbling by the Browns gives the Wolverines 5 unearned runs and a 5–3 win in game 2.

12th  Game 3 is the most dramatic of the series, Detroit winning at home 2–1 in 13 innings. St. Louis squanders 13 hits against Charlie Getzien, while Caruthers limits Detroit to 6 real hits.

13th  The best-of-15 WS begins its tour of the other cities with a game in Pittsburgh, Detroit winning 8–0 behind the 2-hit pitching of Lady Baldwin.

15th After the Browns won yesterday in Brooklyn, 5–2, Detroit bounces back in New York today with a 9–0 win. Charlie Getzien takes a no-hitter (not counting walks) into the 9th inning but settles for a 3-hit game. Charlie Ganzel, playing 1B in place of the injured Dan Brouthers, leads with 4 hits. Brouthers is out for the series with a sprained ankle.
18th Boston’s Dartmouth Street Grounds ballpark, last used by the Union Association Reds of 1884, is the neutral site of a World Series game between Detroit and St. Louis. This is the last game in the park (as noted by historian John Thorn), which will be demolished. Sam Thompson does a bit of demolishing today, hitting two homers as the Wolverines win, 9-2, over the Browns.

19th  Detroit runs its lead in the WS to 7 games to 2 with a 4–2 victory at the Athletics’ Park. This follows a 3–1 win at the Phillies’ Park on the 17th and a 9–2 rout yesterday in Boston.

21st  Detroit clinches the World Championship with its 8th victory in game 11 this afternoon in Baltimore 13–3. With a rainout yesterday, this morning’s rescheduled game in Washington sees the Browns pull off a triple play in the 3rd and win, 11–4, to delay elimination. In the bottom of the sixth, Arlie Latham hits a solo inside-the-park homer to make it 6-3. The homer is scored as a triple and error by pitcher Charlie Getzien who botches the throw at home as Latham slides in. It is then changed to a four bagger.

26th  The World Series winds up with a game back at Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. St. Louis wins the final game but loses the series, 10 games to 5. Sam Thompson leads all hitters in the series with a .362 average.

27th  The Brotherhood of Professional Base Ball Players holds a meeting and club representatives pledge not to sign standard contracts until negotiations are held concerning the wording of those documents.

29th  Ned Williamson and Silver Flint sign with Chicago for 1888 despite the Brotherhood pledge.