1896 October

1st  Nap Lajoie lines a three-run inside-the-park homer in the 10thinning to give the Phillies a 9-6 victory over the Reds. For the second-place Reds, it is their 11th loss in a row. They’ll win tomorrow.

2nd Boston sweeps a pair from St. Louis, winning 18-3 and 12-8. Jack Stivetts plates 5 runs in the opener.

3rd  Boston hammers St. Louis again with 30 hits in a 28–7 win in the first game of a twin bill. Billy Hamilton, Fred Tenney, and Jimmy Collins each have 5 hits, while Hugh Duffy’s 4 hits include 2 HRs. Hamilton scores 5 runs. Boston wins game 2, 8-3.

4th   The Giants double the Reds, 10-5, as George Van Haltren hits a grand slam in the 6th inning, off Brownie Foreman (as noted by David Vincent).

7th  On Labor Day, Baltimore wins a rare tripleheader from Louisville 4–3, 9–1, and 12–1 in 8 innings. The three wins in a day tie a ML record set by Brooklyn versus Pittsburgh on September 1, 1890.

William “Brickyard” Kennedy allows only one single to lead Brooklyn to a 6–1 win over Cincinnati.

8th  Baltimore wins two more from Louisville 10–9 and 3–1. The five wins in 2 days give Baltimore a record of 82-34 and a 10-game lead over 2nd-place Cincinnati. The 5 wins in two days as well as the 5 losses in two days are ML records.

12th  The Orioles clinch their 3rd straight NL pennant with a 9–5 win over Brooklyn. Rookie Jerry Nops, up from Wilmington, debuts with the win. Brickyard Kennedy allows 8 runs in the 4th but pitches a complete game.

The Giants edge visiting Boston, 9-8, with the help of George Davis’s second grand slam in two weeks. It comes in the 1st inning off Fred Klobedanz, but the Giants win in the 10th when George Van Haltren hits a walkoff homer to the ropes at the Polo Grounds. He is carried off the field by admirers. Also hitting homers are Fred Klobedanz and Beckley. Cy Seymour gives up all the Boston runs in the first 2 innings, but reliever Dad Clarke takes over and shuts out the Bostons the rest of the way.

15th  After umpire Tim Hurst becomes ill in the 3rd inning of the Brooklyn-Washington game, “local man” John Heydler replaces him. Heydler soon joins the NL on a permanent basis and rises quickly in the hierarchy. In 1918 he is elected president of the NL.

16th  Cincinnati shuts out home team Pittsburgh in a doubleheader 11–0 and 4–0 behind the pitching of Billy Rhines and Frank Dwyer. Rhines’ job is made easier as the Reds score 10 runs in the 1stinning. Irate Pittsburgh fans throw stones, a board, and a pop bottle at umpire John Sheridan. He is rescued from a crowd of 200 angry spectators by players from both teams.

19th  Cy Young throws a 7-hitter and hits a HR, while Jesse Burkett gets 5 hits, in Cleveland’s 21–2 win over visiting Cincinnati. The game is called on account of darkness and mercy after 7 innings.

Kid Nichols wins his 30th game for the 6th straight year in Boston’s 3–1 victory over Brooklyn.

Former ML pitcher Cannonball Crane commits suicide by taking an overdose of chloral.

21st  Pittsburgh manager Connie Mack announces that he will manage the Milwaukee club of the Western League in 1897.

26th  Jesse Burkett gets 3 hits for Cleveland in the final game of the season, a 3–2 win over Louisville, to finish at .410, becoming the first major leaguer to hit .400 in consecutive seasons, a feat later duplicated by Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby.


1st  Regular-season WL champion Minneapolis defeats Indianapolis 4-games-to-2 to win the WL title and the Detroit Free Press Cup.

2nd  Following a rainout, Baltimore and Bill Hoffer defeat 2nd-place Cleveland and Cy Young 7–1 in the first game of the Temple Cup.

3rd  Baltimore takes the 2nd game 7–2. The losing pitcher is Bobby Wallace, who will be moved to 3B next season, and later to SS where he builds a Hall of Fame career.

4th  The Cuban Giants defeat the Chicago Unions 11–9 and claim the title of black champions of America. The Giants won yesterday, 16-5.

5th  Baltimore goes ahead 3–0 in the Temple Cup with a 6–2 win over the Spiders.

8th  Following another rainout, the Orioles defeat Cleveland 5–0 to win the Temple Cup in a 4-game sweep. The Cup games are poorly attended, while the rowdy behavior of both teams does nothing to enhance the stature of the troubled series.

11th  The annual NL meeting gets underway in Chicago. Brooklyn owner Ferdinand H. Abell proposes to make all players free agents between January 1st and March 1st and allow all teams to bid on them, subject to a salary limit. The plan is studiously ignored.

12th  Volatile New York Giants owner Andrew Freedman is found guilty of an April 22nd assault on baseball writer Edward Hurst. He receives a suspended sentence.

13th  The NL votes to award Henry Chadwick $50 per month for life in recognition of his past services to the game.