1897 October

1st St. Louis owner Von der Ahe, losing money as the Browns lose games, takes over as the 4th manager this season, the 12th since the team rejoined the NL in 1892. Von der Ahe, 0-2 in his last stint as manager last year, will go 2–12. This is the 3rd year in a row the Browns have had 4 managers.

The final game of the Steinert Cup, played between the top two teams in the Eastern League, is played in London, Ontario with Syracuse defeating Toronto, 12-7. Toronto leads in the series 3–2 as it ends with a disagreement between the teams on where to play the remaining game.

3rd  Chicago finishes the 1897 season by splitting a doubleheader with St. Louis, losing 10–9, after blowing an 8-0 lead, and winning the 7-inning nitecap 7–1. Cap Anson, just past his 45th birthday, hits 2 HRs in the first game, but St. Louis righty Willie Sudhoff (1–8) holds on for his first win of the year. In the 7-run 7th, Tuck Turner hits a grand slam off Chicago’s Clark Griffith, who is the loser. Anson steals a base in the nightcap, his final game in a remarkable career that spans 26 years. He ends the season with a .302 average, the oldest player to hit .300, and the oldest to hit two homers in a game. Walter Thornton is the winner for Chicago.

4th  The contest for the Temple Cup starts with a 13–12 home victory for Boston over Baltimore, before 9,600. Charley “Kid” Nichols and Ted Lewis pitch for the winners; Jerry Nops hurls for the Orioles.

5th  The 2nd game of the series sees Baltimore turn back Boston 13–11 behind Joe Corbett.

6th  In the 3rd game of the Temple Cup series, Baltimore wins, 8-3, in a rain-shortened 7 innings.

9th  Twenty-five hundred fans at Baltimore watch the Orioles win their 3rd game 12–11. The Orioles score 11 times in the first 2 innings off Jack Stivetts.

11th  Baltimore wins the Temple Cup, and $310 for each player, by defeating Boston 9–3. The crowd is so small that management refuses to give the exact number.

15th  W. C. Temple of Pittsburgh, whose trophy has been contested for the last 4 baseball seasons, is dissatisfied with this year’s contest. He will attend the league meeting and ask that the Cup be returned to him. The league will investigate the charge that the players agreed beforehand to divide the receipts equally.

17th  Louis Sockalexis visits Cleveland president Robison’s office broke and penitent. He emerges with a ticket to Old Town, Maine, a roll of bills in his pocket, and an admonition from Robison: “Leave the spirits and soubrettes alone and you will make a hit.”

19th  Oliver Perry Caylor, baseball editor of the New York Herald, dies of a “lingering illness” at age 47. O.P., as he signed his column, was among the best of his time at the evolving skill of sports writing, and while sports editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer, was influential in the formation of the American Association.

24th  The exhibition tour of the Baltimore Orioles and the “All America” team stops in Kansas City and plays an exciting game before 7,000 fans. Joe Corbett beats Kid Nichols, 6–4.