1994 October

7th The Kansas City Royals name Bob Boone manager.

12th The Texas Rangers fire manager Kevin Kennedy.

14th Bud Selig and Donald Fehr meet with President Clinton at the White House in an effort to reach an agreement concerning the strike.

18th The Boston Red Sox name Kevin Kennedy, fired last week by Texas as their new manager.

19th  For the third year in a row, a Dodger is named Rookie of the Year. Raul Mondesi, like last year’s pick, Mike Piazza, is a unanimous choice. The fleet Dominican OF hit .306 with 16 homers and 16 assists.

21st The Chicago Cubs name Jim Riggleman as manager and the San Diego Padres name Bruce Bochy as manager.

22nd  Bob Hamelin, KC outfielder, easily outpaces Manny Ramirez to win the AL Rookie of the Year award.  Hamelin hit .282 with 24 homers in 101 games, the most he’ll play in his ML career.