1869 September

1st The champion Eckford Club begins a new Championship series with the ex-champion Mutuals, a most unusual event to occur so soon after the title changes hands. Despite a high wind, the Mutuals defeat the Eckfords with 5 runs in the bottom of the 9thto win, 28-25.

6th The Eckford Club starts another championship series for the pennant with the Atlantic club of Brooklyn at the Capitoline Grounds. 8,000 spectators watch the Atlantics whip the champs, 45–25, behind 4 homer runs by Joe Start.

8th In the start of a much-anticipated series in Philadelphia, the Athletics beat the visiting Mutuals, 45–28.

14th The Cincinnati Red Stockings leave on a month-long tour of California.

15th At the Union Grounds in Brooklyn, the Mutuals tie the score at 22 with a run in the top of the 9th, but the Athletics score 2 in the bottom to win, 24–22. The New York Clipper, which had asked that the match be arranged, awards a Gold Ball to the Athletics.

18th The Pythians of Philadelphia become the first black team to play a white team when they take the field against the City Items. The Pythians win 27–17.

28th While the Cincinnati Red Stockings are playing in San Francisco, there is a short break. A Cincinnati writer notes: “One thing noticeable in this game was a ten minutes’ intermission at the end of the sixth inning—a dodge to advertise and have the crowd patronize the bar.” (Cincinnati Commercial).