1881 September

2ndJim Galvin allows 13 hits but bangs out a single, double and triple to help Buffalo to a 14–6 rout of Detroit.

3rd  CF Lip Pike makes 3 errors in the 9th inning to give Boston 2 runs and a 3–2 victory over Worcester. The losing club immediately accuses Pike of throwing the game and suspends him.

8thJack Rowe is 4-for-4 to help Buffalo beat Chicago, 10–1, in the opener of the final series between the two leaders. Chicago will win tomorrow to take a 6 1/2 game lead with 13 to play.

10th  In a game in Albany, Troy’s Roger Connor hits the first grand slam in NL history, and the first “ultimate” grand slam. The blow, with his team 3 runs down, comes off Worcester’s Lee “Ruby Legs” Richmond with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th inning and wins the game, 8–7.

12thJohn “Chub” Sullivan, who had been the Worcester captain this spring before falling ill, dies in Boston.

14thFifteen errors by the Wolverines allow Providence to beat Detroit, 4–1.

15th  Buffalo 2B Dave Force makes 2 unassisted DPs, participates in two other DPs, and starts a triple play in a 12-inning 7–6 loss at Worcester. Only two other second basemen (Claude Ritchey, 7/9/1899 and Mike Edwards 8/10/1978) will make two unassisted DPs in one game.

16th  Chicago clinches the pennant with a 4–0 victory in Boston. Mike Kelly is 4-for-4, scoring 2 runs and driving in 2.

17th  Boston informs its players that it will release them on October 1st and not pay them the last month of their salaries.

20thEd Nolan, John Clapp, and Jim McCormick all miss the Cleveland game in Worcester because their return from a side trip to NYC is delayed by a train wreck. The club fines each $100. The Blue Stockings win without them, 6–5.

23rd  Boston LF Joe Hornung makes 10 putouts and one assist as the Reds beat Buffalo 4–3. This one-game record of 11 chances accepted by a LF still stands.

25th  Although the league has offered membership to the Mets and the Athletics and been turned down, it is announced that all 8 teams from this year will be back in the NL next season, a first for the league.

27thAt Troy, NY, Chicago plays its last game of the year, winning 10–8. A heavy rain storm throughout the game keeps the attendance to 12, a ML record for the smallest crowd. The number of errors by the two teams exceeds the crowd size: 14.

The Detroit team receives just $107.55 as the visitors’ share in 3 games in Worcester, which means the average attendance is under 240.

Charles Radbourn has a no-hitter broken up with one out in the 9th when Fred Dunlap hits a double. Rad settles for a 6–0 one-hitter, his second one-hitter in a month.

29th  At an NL meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY, the league adopts a blacklist of ten players who are barred from playing for or against any NL teams until they are removed by unanimous vote of the league clubs. The reason for the blacklisting is “confirmed dissipation and general insubordination.” These men are: Sadie Houck, Lip Pike, Lou Dickerson, Mike Dorgan, Bill Crowley, John Fox, Lew Brown, Emil Gross, The Only Nolan, and Ed Caskins.

At Worcester, the last-place Ruby Legs beat the first-place Chicago White Stockings, 12–4. Harry Stovey has a grand slam, the second in league history, for the winners. It comes off Larry Corcoran. Chicago will win tomorrow, 11-4, to close out the season for both teams.

30th  The NL meeting adopts an “ironclad” contract that gives the club the right to fine a player for any conduct the club deems detrimental to its interest. Furthermore, the player assumes the responsibility for all risks of injury or illness and must pay for his own medical treatment.