1882 September

5th  Baltimore plays the first 4 innings of its game against Allegheny without its uniforms, which have been delayed at the Baltimore train station. Allegheny wins the game, 3–1.

7thJim O’Rourke is 5-for-5 to pace Buffalo to a 10–1 win over Worcester.

In a 4-1 Cincinnati win over the St. Louis Browns, Oscar Walker, a left-handed hitter for St. Louis, crosses up the shift put on by Cincinnati and lines a triple. All the Reds outfielders are in RF when Walker hits to left. This is one of the earliest records of a shift, as noted in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat (noted by Cliff Blau).

9th  After taking a 1–0 lead in the first inning, Troy loses to Chicago, 24–1, in a shortened 8-inning battle. Five Chicago players get 4 hits each.

11th  Tony Mullane of the Eclipse pitches a no-hitter over Cincinnati, 2–0. Tomorrow Mullane does not allow a hit until the 7th inning, and wins, 10–4.

12th  In a 10-4 Louisville victory, Pete Browning clubs a 6thinning grand slam off Harry McCormick as the Eclipse beat the Reds, 10-4. Cincinnati still leads the AA by 7.5 games, 10 more wins than Louisville [this is the last season that number of wins rather than winning percentage, will determine the leader].

In an 8-6 Pittsburgh win at Philadelphia, the Alleghenys get 1stt-inning homers from Billy Taylor and Chappy Lane off Sam Weaver. Historian Tom Thress notes that the Philadelphia Inquirer write-up gives the second homer to George Streif, although their box score gives it to Lane (as does the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette). Either way, Pittsburgh remains in fourth place in the AA.

14th  Chicago pushes past Providence into first place by defeating them, 6–2. Chicago will not relinquish the lead for the rest of the season.

18thAt Buffalo, little Bobby Mathews of Boston fans 4 batters in one inning en route to an 8–2 win. Mathews (as noted by historian Al Kermisch) strikes out White, Force, Galvin, and Foley, with the latter reaching 1B on a passed ball.

19th  Guy Hecker becomes the second Eclipse pitcher in 8 days to throw a no-hitter, defeating Allegheny 3–1.

20th  Chicago’s Larry Corcoran pitches the second no-hitter of his career by shutting out Worcester, 5–0. Frank Mountain takes the fall.

22nd  In a special NL meeting Troy and Worcester are kicked out of the league, to be replaced by teams from Philadelphia and New York. When the expelled clubs threaten to boycott the rest of the season, Chicago and Providence announce they’ll then play a best-of-9 series to determine the league championship. The boycott and series don’t take place. The Troy players make the best of the situation by breaking their 16-game losing streak, the longest of the season, beating Boston, 7–3. Troy will argue that it should stay in the league because of money spent on capital improvements, but they will be ousted at the December 2, 1882 meeting, with Philadelphia taking their place.

Chicago loses to Cleveland, 15–6, to break its 2nd 9-game win streak of the year.

In its 20–6 victory over Allegheny (AA), the Louisville Eclipse score in all 8 innings they bat. Even though the game is in Pittsburgh, Louisville bats last and does not need to hit in the 9th(according to historian David Nemec). They are the first team ever to accomplish the feat.

23rd Chicago’s Larry Corcoran follows up his no-hitter with a 3-hitter, stopping Cleveland, 8–0.

In the last day of play for the Alleghenies, rookie Jake Seymour debuts on the mound and loses, 13-3, to Louisville, Seymour puts his name in the record book with 5 wild pitches, a mark tied twice in the next four years. Pittsburgh wins the second game, behind Denny Driscoll, to finish at 39-39.

25thThe NL Worcester Brown Stockings come up with a baseball innovation—the doubleheader. It is the first instance of two games for the price of one admission: all previous doubleheaders called for two separate admissions. The last-place Brown Stockings will end their 3rd and final season in Worcester by drawing 6 and 25 fans for games against Troy on September 28th and 29th, then they will move to Philadelphia next season and adopt the name “Phillies.” Today’s two results in a Worcester win, 4-3, in the opener against Providence. Batting first in game 2, they lose, 8-6.

27thAt Chicago, the White Stockings beat Buffalo, 8–1, behind Larry Corcoran.

28th  Six dedicated Worcester “cranks” (fans), the smallest “crowd” in ML history, show up to watch their club lose to Troy, 4–1. Tomorrow the number of spectators is 25. Worcester loses again to their fellow lame-duck team.

The Reds score in the top of the 9th to beat the Eclipse, 1–0.

Behind Fred Goldsmith, the White Stockings win, 11-5, over Buffalo to clinch the NL pennant.

30thAt Lakefront Park, host Chicago trips Buffalo 6–5 as pitcher Larry Corcoran wins his 10th straight game (September 1- September 30). This is his second 10-game winning streak of the season: the first was June 29-July 29) Subbing at 1B, 16-year-old Milt Scott goes 2-for-5 for Chicago, while Ed Williamson is 5-for-5 and scores the winning run in the 9th.