1886 September

1st  Ed “Cannonball” Crane walks 14 and adds 5 wild pitches and an error in a 15–2 loss to Chicago. Formerly an OF, Crane has just been pressed into service as a pitcher for the last-place Statesmen. He’ll emerge as a regular starter for the Giants.

2nd Thanks to a 2-out triple in the bottom of the 9th by Anson, Chicago beats Washington, 5–4, for its 9th win in a row.

5th In the only game played this Sunday, Dave Foutz is pitching for St. Louis with Louisville’s Pete Browning on first base. Browning takes a long lead as Charlie Comiskey, playing deep behind 1B, distracts the runner with small talk. Foutz suddenly runs from the pitcher’s box and tags Browning out, the first instance of a pitcher picking off a runner unassisted. St. Louis loses 8-2 but still maintains a comfortable 10-game lead in the AA.

6th Harry Stovey hits a 6th inning grand slam, off Hardie Henderson, as Philadelphia beats Brooklyn, 6-3. (as noted by David Vincent).

7th The Whites rally from an 8–2 deficit to beat the Giants, 13–11, and maintain a 2 1/2 game lead over the Wolverines. New York is 11 back.

8th Every Chicago player gets at least one hit in each game as Chicago wins a pair from New York, 12-3 and 9-4. Jimmy Ryan has a grand slam for Chicago, off Mickey Welch, in game one. Chicago has now won 12 in a row and are three games ahead of Detroit, who swamp visiting Washington, 21-2.

9th In the first of a 3-game series in Chicago, Detroit, batting last, beats the White Stockings, 8–3, ending the Whites’ 12-game win streak. Hardy Richardson has 3 triples.

10th  Dan Brouthers hits 3 HRs, a double, and a single in 5 at bats to set a NL mark with 15 total bases, (Hecker had 15 last month in the AA) but his Detroit team loses to Chicago, 14–8. Chicago wins the 3rd game with Detroit, 14–4, to keep a 4-game lead over the Wolverines.

11th  Connie Mack makes his ML debut with Washington, catching flawlessly and contributing a single as the Senators beat the Phillies 4–3. Washington had purchased Mack and 4 other players from Hartford (Eastern L). Ernest Lanigan, in his 1922 Cyclopedia, cites September 16 as Mack’s debut date.

14th Ump Mike Walsh is assaulted by some young fans after a game in Brooklyn, a 5-4 Brooklyn loss to St. Louis, but he escapes serious injury. This has been a tough year for umpires, with only Honest John Kelly still left of the original 4 umps hired by the AA for the season.

16th Big Dave Orr hits a drive so far into CF that even he is able to get a HR on it, beating the Browns, 2–1 in the 9th.

17th St. Louis (AA) loses another game, 3-2, because of a 9th inning HR, this one a drive over the RF fence in Baltimore by Jim Davis.

18th Chicago (NL) beats Kansas City and Jim Whitney, 9-3, the 13th straight defeat for the pitcher at the hands of Chicago. It is a since-topped ML record, but it will stand as a Chicago record vs. a pitcher: the Dodgers Don Sutton will match Whitney’s record against the Cubs in the 1960s.

20th Chicago tops Detroit, 7–3, in the first game of the final series between the 2 contenders.

22nd Chicago wins their 2nd in a row from Detroit, 6–3, in 6 innings. Detroit scores once in the 7th and Chicago 3 times, but the inning is not completed, so the score reverts to the final completed inning.

23rd  Detroit salvages the final game of the series, 6–2, but Chicago leaves town with a 5 1/2 game lead and 14 games to play.

Pittsburgh’s Pud Galvin walks the first 3 Brooklyn batters—Bill McClellan, Jim McTammany and George Smith–in the 3rd to load the bases. He then picks off Smith at first base, McClellan at third, and finally, McTammany at second. Brooklyn manages to keep a few runners on base as they beat Pittsburgh, 8-2.

24th Eyeing a switch from the AA to the NL, Pittsburgh hosts Chicago for an exhibition game, which the Alleghenies win, 10–3. The team will reportedly clear $160,000 for the season, a huge profit.

25th  Browns owner Von der Ahe begins negotiations for a World Championship Series by issuing a challenge to White Stockings owner Spalding.

28th In Philadelphia, ump Chick Fulmer is carried off the field on the shoulders of fans after he successfully foils Chicago’s attempts to delay for darkness after the Phillies take a lead in the 8th inning. The Phillies will sweep 4 in a row from the league leaders, allowing Detroit to close within 3 games.

Washington’s Shadow Gilmore strikes out 16 St. Louis (NL) batters but still loses, 5–2. Battterymate Connie Mack has 2 hits.

29th St. Louis loses by forfeit to Washington after they lose a 7th inning dispute about the ball-and-strike count. They walk off the field and a forfeit is called.

30th  Spalding accepts Von der Ahe’s challenge for a “World Series” and proposes a best-of-9 series with the winning club getting the total gross gate receipts. St. Louis will accept the winner-take-all provision, but the series will be best-of-7.