1888 September

1st  St. Louis slugger Tip O’Neill hits a HR over the fence in the 8th inning and lays down a game-winning bunt single in the 10th inning to beat Athletics ace Ed Seward, 3–2. O’Neill will win the AA batting title with a .335 average.

2nd The Browns (AA) strengthen their pitching by purchasing Elton Chamberlin (14-9) from Louisville for $4,000, giving St. Louis a reliable alternate to take some of the burden off Silver King. Chamberlin will lose his first outing, 3–1, to Brooklyn on the 4th but he’ll finish with an 11-2 mark with St. Louis.

3rd  Tim Keefe pitches his 8th shutout of the season, the high mark in the ML this year, but he fails to win when Ben Sanders and the Phillies battle the Giants to an 11-inning scoreless tie.

5th Pittsburgh OF Billy Sunday is married to Helen Thompson of Chicago. They then go to the Detroit-Chicago game, sitting with the bridal party in a box donated by president Spalding. Chicago wins, 10–4.

6th  Indianapolis tries its 2nd experimental night game (the first was August 22nd) but the natural-gas illumination is inadequate, and the idea is dropped.

7th In Boston’s 11-9 loss to Chicago, Dick Johnston leads off with a home run for the second game in a row to tie the NL mark. The loss pushes Boston 2 1/2 games behind 2nd place Chicago.

8th The Cleveland Spiders (AA) win their 9th in a row, having climbed from 7th to 5th place during the streak. The Spiders edge Cincinnati, 2-1.

9th Brooklyn hosts the first Sunday doubleheader (the second game is a makeup game) splitting a pair with Louisville, winning 5-1 before losing, 3-1.

12th  New York forfeits a game in Chicago when Buck Ewing is injured and cannot continue. With no uniformed substitutes available, the Giants simply leave the field in the 5th inning.

13th In order to break their run of hard luck, Buck Ewing of the Giants has his players wear one maroon stocking and one black stocking; a white jersey shirt and black knickerbockers (pants). Half the team wears white hats and the other black caps. The White Stockings are unimpressed and beat the visiting Giants, 5–3.

14th  Ed Seward wins his 3rd game in 3 days as the Athletics defeat Brooklyn 4–2. Seward has allowed only 13 hits in the 3 games. He will try again tomorrow and allow only 4 hits but will lose to the Grooms 4–2.

Jocko Milligan belts a 9th inning grand slam, off Tony Mullane, as St. Louis rolls over Cincinnati, 14-2.

15th  Ed Morris of Pittsburgh pitches his 4th consecutive shutout, a record that will be unsurpassed in the NL until 1968. Morris’s gems include 1–0 and 2–0 victories over the Phillies, a 7-inning 2–0 win over the Senators, and today’s 1–0 win over New York.

17th  Pittsburgh’s Ed Morris’s streak is broken when the Gothams score in the 2nd inning on doubles by Ewing and Slattery. The run sends Morris to defeat 1–0.

18th  Ben Sanders of the Phillies loses his bid for a perfect game when pitching opponent Gus Krock singles with one out in the 9th inning for the Colts. Sanders wins 6–0.

20th  In a doubleheader pitching duel, Tony Mullane beats Ed Seward twice 1–0 and 2–1. The Reds total only 9 hits, while the Athletics get 10.

22nd NL umpire Jim Kelly gets to the ball park just minutes before game time, having spent the night in a Detroit jail on assault charges filed by a female companion. The Gothams lose to the host Wolverines, 6-3.

23rd  Cincinnati sells starting players Frank Fennelly and John Corkhill. Without them, the Reds will win 13 of their final 16 games. Fennelly set a since-tied, never topped record of 117 errors at shortstop for Cincy in 1886 and will make 106 errors this year, 100 for the Reds. He’ll make 6 more for the A’s.

27th  Little-used Ed “Cannonball” Crane pitches a 7-inning no-hitter for the Giants against the Senators, walking 6 and winning 3–0.

Anson’s Chicago Colts, on their way to Boston, stop to play a game with the Syracuse Stars, the IL champions. Con Murphy, ex-Phillie, pitches and loses to Chicago, 3–0. Anson only consents to play the game after Moses Walker, the Star’s “colored” player, is benched. Last season Anson refused to play against Newark unless Walker and Stovey were benched.

29th Bill Gleason, relegated to bench duty by the acquisition of Frank Fennelly six days ago, wins a game for the A’s with a two-out bases-loaded triple in the 9th to top the Cowboys, 10–9.

30th  With the WA season completed and the warring Kansas City clubs having agreed to merge, the Cowboys move their final home game to the Blues’ Exposition Park. The game is a 45-hit slugfest with the Cowboys beating the Athletics 26–14. Monk Cline scores 6 runs as the KC outfield scores 14 runs, an AA record. It will be matched in the NL, but not in the AL.